Partner satisfaction is our most important metric. We don’t consider the job done, until we exceed your goals and
expectations. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Kenny Dubin: Authentic

Here's a guy that makes you feel that you are the only one in the room. Friendly, "REAL," and brings a wealth of worldly knowledge. Good for you Taylor! Kenny Dubin, CEO The Dubin Group/Recruiter for Everything Real Estate

Charley Timmins: Client-Focused

His selfless sharing of wisdom, expertise, and professional network contacts serves as a model for others that "givers get". Taylor makes those around him better. Charley Timmins, Founding Principal, PMA, LLC

David Gorenberg: Leadership

“there can be no better leader than Taylor Fernley. He understands what makes associations - large and small - work..." David Gorenberg, Managing Director, Accruit LLC

Mitch Wienick: Advocate

"...was able to galvanize the board, deal decisively with a management succession issue, and demonstrate ongoing thought leadership as Board Chair..." Mitch Wienick, ECC Executive Partner, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Rip Tilden: Leadership

"...People turn to Taylor when they need an experienced leader who will bring perspective and broad-gauged thinking…" Rip Tilden, Chair Of The Board Of Directors at Andesa Services, Inc.

Judith Briles: Visionary

"...He's a visionary in what makes an association work for its members, creates stellar meetings and conferences that maximize attendees take-aways..." Judith Briles, Founder and Chief Creativity Officer, The Book Shepherd

Jim Shulman: Listener

.he has been a great sounding board on the various issues we’ve had to deal with..." Jim Shulman, Owner, Elsinore Business Associates

Donald Philips: Conductor

"...He has a solid grasp of the "big picture" and is very good on directing folks in the right direction..." Donald Phillips, Raconteur, Adviser and Adjunct Instructor

Cate Heaman: Synergistic

Taylor captured our purpose and connected us with the right client; creating a long-term lucrative partnership. Cate Heaman, CEO, Prelude Solutions

Mike Pilko: Experience

"...Taylor has walked many miles wearing the shoes of a CEO. He has encountered and conquered many challenges..." Mike Pilko, President, RHJ Associates P.C.

Kevin Robins: Partner

"Taylor has been an invaluable partner and leader..." Kevin Robins, CEO, MidAtlantic Employers Association

Stan Sherman: Expertise

“... do what you're great at, then find others who are great at other things. Taylor Fernley is an exceptional talent ..." Stan Sherman, President, The Propel Consulting Group

Margo McDonnell: Insightful

"...His insight was right on as we worked to help an association facing very challenging times due to the economy..." Margo McDonnell, President/Partner, 1031 Corp

Barry Moskowitz: Educator

"... educated me about the business and more importantly, provided me valuable lessons on life as well." Barry Moskowitz, Formerly Vice President Sales & Industry Relations, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wayne Evancoe: Effective

"...I find his effectiveness and humor to be very helpful when dealing with multiple issues and his oversight of a quality organization that executes..." Wayne Evancoe, Executive Director, New York Labor Health Care

Richard Marcus: Collaborator

"...As a collaborator he is reliable and generous, always willing to help out and give more than he gets..." Richard Marcus, PhD, Business Psychologist/ Executive Coach