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Who is Taylor

Taylor excels at overcoming diverse business challenges, partnering with 1,500+ CEOs, C-Suite leaders, Boards of Directors, owners, and nonprofit pioneers across 150 industries. His knack for tackling any problem makes him a modern-day matchmaker, connecting dots in the business world.

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Our ultimate metric is your partner satisfaction. We consider our mission incomplete until we’ve not only met but exceeded your goals and expectations. Don’t just take our word for it—let our partners’ success stories speak for themselves.

Here's a guy that makes you feel that you are the only one in the room. Friendly, "REAL," and brings a wealth of worldly knowledge. Good for you Taylor! Kenny Dubin, CEO The Dubin Group/Recruiter for Everything Real Estate

Kenny Dubin: Authentic

Taylor Fernley: The Total Package


At the heart of thriving connections lie honor and integrity. PPAC was born to pass on the wisdom gained from the crucible of hard work, teamwork, and triumphant collaborations.


From the summit, Taylor has worn many hats: Chairman, CEO, President, Board Chairman, and Board Member. This wealth of experience fuels visionary leadership and drives RESULTS.


Acquiring expertise through pivotal roles crucial to organizational triumph: Analysis, Business Development, Change Management, Customer Focus, Team Building, and beyond.


The greatest riches in life are the people we hold close. Taylor embraces this wholeheartedly, uniting souls, extending a helping hand, and offering a comforting presence—whatever it takes.


Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Greater Philadelphia Family Business of the Year Award
American Society of Association Executives Member, Chair-Key Committee, Planning Committee
SMART CEO 100 Best Run Companies
SMART CEO Family Business of the Year Award
New Jersey Society of Association Executives Excellence in Association
Management Award


St. Joseph's University, Family Business/ Haub School Advisory Board Member
Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau Excellence in Association
Management Award
National Liberty Museum Board of Directors
Philadelphia Police Foundation Board of Directors Night for Blue Fundraiser
The Union League of Philadelphia Legacy Member, Business Leadership Forum Chair, Ambassador, YWC Foundation

Taylor's Tips

Discover below a taste of Taylor’s pearls of wisdom and guidance on leadership, top-notch practices, and fortifying your organizational bedrock.

Taylor Fernley on Mirror, Mirror - Fairest of All (1:16 minutes)

Taylor Fernley on Play Ball - Singles or Home Runs? (1:22 minutes)

Taylor Fernley on Strategic Alliances (1:31 minutes)

Taylor Fernley for Beacon Leadership Minute (2:05 minutes)

Taylor Fernley on Trusted Advisors - for Beacon (1:54 minutes)

5 Tips in 10 Minutes with Taylor Fernley (11:30 minutes)

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